October 2021

What a hot summer we have had and it is not over yet.  According to those who ‘read’ the weather conditions for the rest of the year by the clouds and amount of sunshine in the run up to August 15th, the forecast is that we will be having a hot September but rain in late October and November and hopefully a wet winter, which we need to fill the dams and aquifers. This month it is still difficult to work up enthusiasm to do more than maintenance, but there is always clearing up to be done under trees and bushes as they begin to shed their leaves.  Whilst this would normally be I always consider that October is the start of the Cyprus gardening year for me as well as many for other serious gardeners. After the heat of the summer, a lowering of temperatures and that serious rain that we had mid-September which perked up the plants, the time is right to get out in the garden again. Removal of dead or dying plants is a priority, as is digging over the soil in your veggie patch and flower beds and adding in some compost – homemade or bought.

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