September 2021

What a hot summer we have had and it is not over yet.  According to those who ‘read’ the weather conditions for the rest of the year by the clouds and amount of sunshine in the run up to August 15th, the forecast is that we will be having a hot September but rain in late October and November and hopefully a wet winter, which we need to fill the dams and aquifers. This month it is still difficult to work up enthusiasm to do more than maintenance, but there is always clearing up to be done under trees and bushes as they begin to shed their leaves.  Whilst this would normally be regarded as mulch or an addition to otherwise poor quality soil in other countries, here it may block irrigation points or harbour nasty insects amongst the dry leaves.  Watch out if you put your hand under bushes to clear them out as there may be young snakes hiding there, away from the heat!

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