September 2018

September at last, although temperatures will still be quite hot. Coastal towns should be cooler due to sea breezes, but inland temperatures will still be in the low thirties. It is tempting to get out into the garden and refresh everything after the long hot summer, but ‘slowly, slowly’ is a favourite saying here and wise words at this time of year. Take your time to get back into your gardening stride. Later in the month the first Coptic Winds will be coming through the Island, which may just bring us a shower of rain as well, so a walk around the garden mid-month, checking stakes and trellises, is a good idea.

I will be in Tala, near Paphos on September 28th to open a Garden Sculpture Exhibition ‘A 3rd Dimension’ in the garden of Judith Constantinou at 6.30pm.  Details on Facebook The Studio Tala

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