January 2023

Bulbs are thrusting through the soil already and before long will be bursting into bloom. The many freesias that I planted in late autumn are well ahead. I can hardly wait for the pretty flowers to appear on the clumps of cyclamen in the shade of the trees, meanwhile I do enjoy  the lovely patterns on the different leaves.  I also  look for the first almond blossoms to appear around where I live and they bring such joy. After the early winter rains, seedlings are popping up everywhere but not all of them are weed seedlings, so check them closely before you pull them out. I have many wild flowers growing in the beds alongside the cultivated plants, including tiny geraniums, euphorbias and the tiresome oxalis, which makes a pretty picture in the late winter, but a devil to be rid of if you don’t like it.  I already have some heritage sweet peas coming up.  Osteospermums, having seeded themselves everywhere, make fresh  new plants very quickly.


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