June 2021

I love this time of year when the bougainvillea is colouring up nicely. Originally from Brazil they grow so well here in Mosfiloti, which is something of miracle as they like lots of humidity as a rule. Now is the time that we can enjoy all the tall trees that can easily cope with the high heat of summer.   Those long split leaves filter the hot winds and whilst they don’t provide much shade for those who sit beneath them, they can cool the breezes and cope with the humidity of the closeness to the sea. Frangipane with its heady night-scented perfume really needs coastal humidity, along with Delonix regia, which you may find in ‘older gardens’, and the many trees of Albizia julibrissin around the parking spaces of Larnaca airport, delight any visitors to the island as they shake their silky pink tassels in the sea breezes.

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