January 2022

At this time of year we gardeners always hope for winter rain to fill the wells and dams, but not too much that it damages plants that have already pushed up through the earth.  Although this can be one of the coldest months of the year, you will be surprised just how many plants are putting on growth.  Many bulbs that were showing through the earth towards the end of the year, including the huge bed of freesias in my garden, are quite tall now. I eagerly await the flower stems, but not too early as they could be damaged in any late winter rain. I always look forward to the ‘Halcyon Days’ this month, so called because usually there is a period of about 10 days of blue skies and settled weather to be enjoyed. Greek mythology tells us that kingfishers lay their eggs in nests built in cavities in cliffs and banks during this period of quiet weather. Like many events connected to the weather, this can be a movable feast, as weather patterns and calendars have shifted over time, but this usually occurs this month.

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