December 2016

It’s time to reflect on how the garden performed during this very dry year. Some plants may have died due to the prolonged drought, whilst others may need to be moved into a better position.

The storm at the beginning of November brought some welcome rain to our thirsty gardens and you will notice how green shoots are appearing everywhere as a result, as well as tiny weeds.  It is such a pity that our rain comes in such strong tempests, with the inevitable loss of soil.  Make up that loss by using some homemade compost, or bagged potting compost, as not only will it fill the beds or pots, but bring some nourishment to them.  I hope that you have a Happy Christmas and a wonderful gardening 2017.

  • Gardening in Cyprus

Having a garden in Cyprus is quite different to anywhere else in the world.  Cyprus enjoys year round sun with very high summer  temperatures and  little or no rainfall and what there is comes between November and  March.
Snow falls on the Troodos Mountains  during the winter and frost  can be experienced at elevations of around 300 m and above. Soils can  be red clay or sandy and free draining and there is no great depth of  soil anywhere so gardening is a real challenge!  My name is Patricia Jordan and I lived and gardened in various countries before coming to Cyprus. I would like to share my gardening  experiences with you through these pages. Each month there are  suggestions of what to do in the garden and which plants are available  locally.

Gardening should be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby and so if you have any  problems do contact me and I look forward to helping you out.









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